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The different phases of the project are expected to achieve the following results:

Phase 1 of this project will compile action plans to be followed during the implementation of the technical work packages to this project. Phase 2 of this project will be based on the guidelines provided in phase 1.

Phase 2 will see the implementation of the actions of this project including deployment of full electric vehicles, solar infrastructure on buildings and solar charging stations for electric vehicles.

Phase 3 will develop strategic local plans to guide policy makers on the possible future implementation of proposed actions to further decarbonise port areas. Moreover, the data and analysis reports to be produced after the completion of the pilot actions in Phase 2 and will be disseminated in order to maximize the results achieved by this project. Policy makers will therefore be able to base future strategic projects on the results and assessments made by this project.

After the completion of this project, the respective port Authorities will start to implement the measures suggested in the green port plans in different phases and timelines. These policies and following phases will contribute towards the decarbonisation of ports and port areas with the ultimate objective to make them Green Mediterranean Ports.

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What we have done: Project Results 

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