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Gela Port
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Gela’s position at the centre of the Mediterranean plays a very important role within the major North-South and East-West sea-lanes. It is composed of different entities that could be summarized as follow:

  1. Porto Rifugio
  2. Pontile Sbarcatoio
  3. Porto Isola and related
  4. Diga Foranea

Porto Rifugio (Category II – Class III Lat. 37° 03’ 45’’ N – Long. 14° 13’ 50’’ E).

It is an artificial harbor built in the ’50s. It was originally thought as a structure able to “defend” the city from the heavy winds blowing from the N/O, N/E and also as an harbor able to host commercial vessels going through the Mediterranean. After the enlargement happened in the ‘80s, The Porto Rifugio is now furnished with a series of multipurpose quays used primarily for the handling of small vessels. Facilities for wooden ship repairs are also available.

Pontile Sbarcatoio (Lat. 37° 03’ 45’’ N – Long. 14° 13’ 50’’).
It was the first cement building built in Gela. The original project was developed in 1909 by the Caltanissetta Genio Civile and then implemented in 1915. Today, it is generally more dedicated to tourism and it also provides an important connection point between Sicily and Malta and Tunisia.

Porto Isola (Category II-III Class).
It was built in 1963/64 closed to the city petrol factory (operated by Eni group) for commercial and industrial purpose. It is made of a main jetty , a smallest jetty and a d) breakwater. It is the 6th Sicilian Harbour as for the total figure of general cargo. The main jetty and the smallest one have industrial purpose, related to the solid and chemical cargoes coming from the petrol factor activities (coal, fertilizers, ammonia ecc.).
Also the breakwater , whose length is of about 1200mt, serves as a place in which handling petroleum products.

Public Utilities
Autorità marittima
Indirizzo: Viale Federico II di Svevia, 156 93012 - GELA
Contatti: Tel. 0933.917755 Fax 0933.911594 e-mail: gela@guardiacostiera.it cpgela@mit.gov.it
Comandante: C.F. (CP) Emiddio GRECO Comandante in 2ª:C.F. (CP) Michele MESSINA

Orari di apertura al pubblico: Lu-Ve 08:00 - 19:30 / Sab-Dom 09:00 – 13.00

Maritime Health Office
Via Gaetano Donizetti, 5 93012 - GELA Tel +39-0933.911138.

Contrada Piana Del Signore 93012 - Gela Tel: 0933.914073

Indirizzo: P. Roma, 1 93012 - Gela Tel. 0933.904500

Guardia di Finanza
Indirizzo: Via E. Romagnoli 93012 - Gela Tel. 0933.930170

Indirizzo: Via C. Zucchetto,6 93012 - Gela Tel. 0933.816224 – 0933.816225

Tourist Office
Azienda Autonoma di Soggiorno e Turismo Via Pisa, 72 93012 – Gela Tel. 0933.913788

Via Palazzi, 100 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.831111
Pronto soccorso - First Aid c/o Hospital V. Emanuele Tel.
C/o ospedale V. Emanuele tel. 0933.930030
C.R.I. - Italian Red Cross
Via S. Rosalia, 2 93012 - Gela Tel./Fax 0933.924473
Piazza Umberto 93012 - GELA Tel. 337952453
Ufficio postale - Post Office
Via E. Romagnoli, 31 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.818111

Nautical-Maritime Services
Dry Dock
C.N. MARRALI, Porto Rifugio Tel. 0933.936137
Nautica service S.r.l., Porto rifugio 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.824354

Club - Associations
CLUB NAUTICO GELA, Terminale Marino 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.930397
CLUB LA VELA, Terminale Marino Lungomare Ovest 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.823977
SOC. SICILIANA SALVATAGGI, Via Dalmazia 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.911008

Motor trade and assistance
Amarù Giovanni S.r.l., Zona Industriale 4° strada 93012 - Gela Tel. 0933.919393 – 0933.925657 Fax 0933.925661
MINARDI, Via Cairoli,38 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.911498

Maritime Agencies
CARDILE BROS SICILY, Piazza Trento,18 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.927575
FASULO MARCO, Via XXIV Maggio, 68 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.924353
MANCUSO PLACIDO, Via Colombo, 124 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.917594
MARIMER S.r.l., Via Carducci, 33 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.917781

Shipping Agent
CARRUBBA P., Via Mare, 50 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.922484.

Car Rental
EUROPCAR, Via Ronco Tartaglia, 10 93012 GELA Telefono: +39 0933. 911109 Fax: +39 0933 1895166
MAGGIORE, Via G. Verga, 40 93012 - GELA Tel. 0933.911009

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